The leading provider of GDPR and data protection services in the Nordics

We want to be supportive and help our customers understand the requirements set by the EU data protection regulation and enable their implementation in practice. We offer data management tools, information security, and various courses and trainings that suit the customer’s needs, so that acting as required by the GDPR can be done as easily as possible.

Experienced data protection professional

We are the leading and experienced data protection professional in the Nordic countries. We offer GDPR consulting and training that enable your organisation to use the right data management tools and information security. Reduce your organisation’s risks by using our mapping and management services of unstructured data. These services provide a view of data stored outside of applications.

GDPR consulting and training

Make sure your organisation is using the right data management tools and information security when implementing data protection.

Mapping and management services of unstructured data

Improve your company’s competitiveness by reducing risks and utilising all of your information fast and intelligently.

Reliable GDPR and data protection services


Our consulting services cover all the different phases of EU GDPR. All the consulting services are implemented in a practical and individual manner. We offer different kinds of consulting packages that include e.g. GDPR compliance review, risk and software workshop and management training.

We offer a wide selection of GDPR trainings. We customise all trainings and workshops from general GDPR introduction to more field specific trainings to match your company’s needs. Also take a look at the trainings and online courses open to everyone.

We are following the software product markets and customers’ challenges to support data protection. We are constantly testing different tools and examining whether the software pricing and features match. We can help you to find the best tools for your organisation.

Different studies show that even 80-90 % of organisations’ data is unstructured – this means it is stored outside of software. Our service ”Dark Data Assessment” is a mapping service for unstructured data. This service gives you information about the current state and offers recommendations for possible improvements.

Why GDPR Tech

”Domestic, independent and professional – they know what they are doing .”

”GDPR Tech is focused on the practical actions in data protection work. Easy to understand.”

”The leading GDPR and data protection service provider in the Nordics in the mapping and management of unstructured data.”

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