GDPR Training

Customised and individual training

Comprehensive selection of training and workshops

We customise all training from GDPR introduction to more field or job description specific training to match your company’s needs. The content is always customised to match the current skills. The training materials are made clear and simple. We offer data protection policy training that is practical and easy to understand. All the information and the teaching is based on the best data protection practices and our experience gained from consultation projects.

We also offer workshops where we go through your organisation’s GDPR readiness in more detail. After this we give you suitable solutions to gain a better readiness.

Training solutions

Training for management, teams and personnel

Training for management and executive teams
The training covers the benefits and obligations of the EU GDPR that concern your business and organisation. This is a 2-3 hour fixed package and the prices start from 500€/training.

Training for middle management and technical personnel This training dives deeper than the surface and during which we will find solutions for GDPR requirements. Prices start from 890€/training.

Training for the personnel
During this training we make sure that all your employees understand and know GDPR. Prices start from 30€/person.
From 30€/person

Online or in person

We offer all our training online or in person. According to your wishes we can arrange a training in a class format, in person, remotely or online. Online training is also customised based on your field so that the training for the personnel is comfortable to follow. Online training is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Translations to other languages can be ordered.

The price per day is 2 000€, online training 40€ per person.

When requested, we can also deliver an entire online training environment, including EU GDPR content. We cooperate with IT Governance.
from 40€/person

Open training sessions

Together with our partners, we organise regular training open to everyone. We also give seminar lectures and hold our own yearly GDPR day seminar. Follow our news section and participate! You can also order our newsletter and make sure that you get the information about the open training sessions directly to your email.
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”GDPR lecture offered good and practical examples.”

”A very understandable and clear presentation.”

”I really liked the training. It was clear, timely and comprehensive. The practical examples were good. The training helps me think about information security at work and also in my personal life.”

”Very good training! I thought I knew a lot about data protection but actually I learned many new things and also some things that I had understood wrong before the training. I want to thank the instructors for the great training, which was easy to follow.”