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Clarity and direction with a help consulting

Our consulting services cover all the different phases of EU GDPR. All the consulting services are implemented in a practical and individual manner. We want to understand your goals, wishes and your operations extensively so that we can customise the consulting services to match your company’s needs.

A strong professional experience is our team’s advantage. Our team consists of specialists with years of work experience in data protection projects in different fields. We know how to present GDPR related information in a clear and simple way.

We also operate as an outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Auditing - Examining the current situation

The Auditing Package examines where an organisation is with its GDPR and helps to identify potential areas of development. The audit includes an online survey for the personnel and risk mapping. We use our own checklist and Data Protection Ombudsman’s accountability instructions. This package is for companies of all sizes. The price range starts from 2 000 €.
from 2000€

Solution Package Standard - SME sector

The consultation includes an online survey about the current situation, management training, a risk and software workshop and when possible, training for the entire personnel. The Standard Package is designed for an SME that understands data protection risks and that has approximately 25+ employees or if large amounts of personal information is being processed. The price range starts from 5 950 €.
from 5950€

Outsourced Data Protection Officer

This service is targeted at the SME sector and public sector. Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) service is always designed on a case-by-case basis and related services are offered on a contractual basis.
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Solution Package Light - SMB sector

The consultation includes a risk and software workshop, management training and when possible, training for the entire personnel. The Light Package is made of an SMB that has approximately 5-25 employees. The price range starts from 2 950 €.
from 2950€


”GDPR lecture offered good and practical examples.”

”A very understandable and clear presentation.”

”I really liked the training. It was clear, timely and comprehensive. The practical examples were good. The training helps me think about information security at work and also in my personal life.”

”Very good training! I thought I knew a lot about data protection but actually I learned many new things and also some things that I had understood wrong before the training. I want to thank the instructors for the great training, which was easy to follow.”

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