We offer wide variety of software suitable for companies of different sizes. We work with the trusted advisor principle and because of that we always select the entities suitable for your company. The prices for the softwares are charged by the usage so you never have to pay extra.

Here is some examples of how our GDPR software solutions can be used:

  • EU GDPR readiness mapping – Mapping done with Symantec Control Compliance Suite software, fits especially larger companies with multiple offices
  • Data mapping – By using our Dark Data Assesment 4D solution, it is possible to go through servers and find out if all the data you have is still significant
  • Plan actions for your GDPR path – Veritas Enterprise Vault or Varonis DatAnswers can help you to store data that is not anymore needed in day-to-day actions which could possibly be deleted or help you find the data you need
  • Usage of data searching tools – McAfee DLP can help you to recognize data and stop it in a terminal
  • Create automated classification – Finding personally identifiable information (search terms, OCR for picture files) can be made automated for example with Veritas Enterprise Vault or Data Insight as well as Information Studio
  • Make data traceable – Make sharing data secure for example Veritas Enterprise Vault Discovery software
  • Creating test data – It can help you staying in GDPR compliance, for example IRI tools could be used for creating and masking data and generating realistic test data
  • Take your IT infrastructure under control with Veritas APTARE IT analytics – holistic view with correlation over your infra. Ask for demo!

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