Seminars and courses

We arrange in co-operation with our partners and selected vendors seminars and training of GDPR. On this page you can find upcoming events. Let’s meet in a seminar or in training!


Feedback from the seminars:

“Very clear and current presentation!”

“Clear and well presented!”

“I got a good basic understanding of GDPR in a short time. The presentation was easy to understand.”

Security Software GDPR Academy in Tallinn

We have planned GDPR Academy courses with our partner Security Software in Tallinn, Estonia. The courses are suitable for business leaders and decision makers, IT professionals, and data protection officers, as well as all employees whose job involves processing and storing personal data.


We offer GDPR trainings on location (Scandinavian and Baltic region) and through Skype for different needs. Our range varies from executive boards to educating the entire staff with different themes. Also e-learning modules for GDPR are available. Contact us for more information!

Feedback on training:

“Invigorating and professional trainer!”

“Great summary of the GDPR. Useful training.”

“Examples were good, also teamwork. Training also included quizzes.”

“Good trainer who got even the dull subject like GDPR interesting.”