Mappings and analyzes

The path to GDPR compliance starts smoothly with data and risk mapping. Our mapping and analysis solutions offer wide view to the current situation of your company.

Many organizations have stored traditionally lots and lots of unnecessary data “just in case”. That is why in most cases the first thing to start with should be going through the old data which is also regulated under the regulation. GDPR Tech offers solutions with which it is possible to go through the existing data and find possible personal information. Here is a few of our mapping solutions to help your GDPR project to start:

  • Data analyzing/mapping – The result of data analyze and mapping is a road map of what should be done with your the data of your company regarding the GDPR. It covers one or two server scannings and also reporting which includes notifications of the environment and recommended actions.
  • Risk mapping – Workshop about the environment of your company and solutions to the found risks. Includes also reporting with to do list starting with the most important matter.

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