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What is GDPR?

EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, came into effect on 25th of May 2018 after two-year transition time. All the organizations and companies that handle personal data of EU residents are under the regulation. GDPR regulates which data may be saved, how to handle the data and how data’s lifecycle should be managed. GDPR covers not only the new digital data but also existing data.

The path to GDPR compliance is different in every organization. We want to support our customers to understand the requirements of EU General Data Protection Regulation and make possible to meet the requirements in practice. We offer data management tools, information security and variation of courses and trainings so meeting the requirements is as easy as possible.

GDPR consulting

EU GDPR consulting services are our core and base for the training services. Our offering for EU GDPR consulting covers different phases, depending of your needs and maturity level.

GDPR Training

We offer GDPR trainings on location (Scandinavian and Baltic region) and through Skype for different needs. Our range varies from executive boards to educating the entire staff with different themes. 

A few of our reference customers:

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