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Our solution portfolio consists of data management parts in addition to knowledge of data security. Through us, you can order ready packages and products, e.g. data analysis, data automatic archiving and data automatic classification. Our packages are SaaS based and they are billed by consumption.

Application analysis is also part of our services, where we do cover common application platforms (.NET, C#, C++) and Java JE applications. Our operating system support covers Windows Servers and Linux Servers, especially in Debian, as well as Ubuntu.

Currently most of the services are based on or run on top of cloud services and naturally, we offer this as option to run our services. We can also help in transitions to the cloud, as we have been planning and executing major customers from service provider to another one.

Here are some examples of our services:

  • Data analysis/assessment – standard package is 3 days, which produces analysis of the selected source system and what should be done for preparing the way being compliant. The report is typically a PowerPoint presentation supported by spreadsheets.
  • Application analysis – workshop to analyze application environment and covering selected set of GDPR readiness. The report is typically a Word-file, containing recommendations and best practices for being compliant in the GDPR context. Typically this is related to “approval, storage and log” phases.
  • Indexing of the unstructured data (e.g. documents, pictures) – package, which supports analysis of unstructured data and creates ability to found personal data from that. Typically fileservers, cloud data stores and SharePoint farms.