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EU General Data Protection Regulation is already in use. GDPR Tech, as a company, is focused to a data governance and how companies can prepare readiness in steps for the requirements of GDPR. Our operation is based on co-operation model with selected software vendors, as well as collaborating with others. This co-operation model creates cost-efficient solution for the midsized and enterprise companies.

Why should the data be governed in the context of GDPR? Lifecycle management, as well as permissions, securing and finding relevant personal information from corporate data stores, creates a challenge. GDPR Tech phases and implements trusted timeline and lifecycle for the data. One of the key elements in GDPR is the right of individuals to get his or her personal data to be removed. To be able to do this, data has to be found efficiently. Often companies are not prepared to search for unstructured content (e.g. office documents, pictures, lists, paper documents). GDPR Tech covers a holistic view to data management, covering data security and data management areas. It is crucial to understand the big picture in the context of GDPR readiness, not forgetting any major areas and overcome obstacles – we help you to get the steps ready for 2018.